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The Rise Of The Vetted Tradesman

With the internet connecting so many people through social media and other mediums, you can find almost anything these days. But if you want work completed in your home and you don’t know a good tradesman, well, you can’t order your tap to be magically fixed online (that would be nice though…).

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Why SureStop Over Stop Cock

Why SureStop Over Stop Cock? Everyone has an internal stopcock, the the question can be, where? Or it’s seized? You will most commonly find the main water stopcock under the kitchen sink, but not always. A mains water stop cock can be in the most elaborate of... read more

Keeping Your Boiler Warranty Valid

Keeping Your Boiler Warranty Valid Manufacturer warranties are nothing new to the average consumer, you may of had to utilise one in the past. A new boiler is a large investment for any home and I’m sure you’ll want piece of mind. Unfortunately like many... read more

About Us

About Us Upsher Heating + Plumbing was founded by Scott Clarke, after nearly 10 years experience with British Gas and within four appointed roles. Apprentice (1 year) to Engineer (6 years) to Surveyor (6 months) and finally Regional Quality Manager (1.5 years). He is... read more