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Upsher Heating + Plumbing was founded by Scott Clarke, after nearly 10 years experience with British Gas and within four appointed roles. Apprentice (1 year) to Engineer (6 years) to Surveyor (6 months) and finally Regional Quality Manager (1.5 years). He is a specialist in the installation and of new heating systems, in and around Hook. Not only that, he is a friendly chap, with a very positive outlook on life.

The reason he started this new heating and plumbing company… He says: “I would like to create a relationship with the local community, I aim to do this by delivering a local, friendly heating and plumbing service”


After almost 8 weeks in, he has completed six boiler installations for Upsher Heating + Plumbing, as well as saving four customers that had uncontrollable water leaks. You will expect a friendly, professional and affordable service from Scott. Another way in helping the local community, he will be answering (no obligation) questions via weekly video blogs; around the subject of heating and plumbing, from residents in and around the area of Hook, Hampshire.


To form a small local firm of around 10 Engineers, with 2 Apprentices. And to serve the local community within 15 kilometers of Hook, Hampshire. He aims to have Upsher Heating + Plumbing strike a balance between fun and professional, as he believes that if you look after the employees, they in turn will look after the customers.

In short…

He is a very ambitious young man, with the desire to become the go to local heating and plumbing service within 15 kilometers of Hook, Hampshire. Also one day to provide jobs for young apprentices and experienced engineers alike.

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17 Hunts Close, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 9SJ